kadie_darling (kadie_darling) wrote in hpmod_elite,

Okay, so I'm going to be posting more than one challeng this week in hopes we get some activity. fleur how is the promo contest going have people participated?

I will be closing the other contest today even though I have had about 6 votes on them. I need everyone to be as active as they can. Please respond here with ideas on how to keep members active.

Rowena feel free to post a second roleplay since the first is dead/inactive.

Sirius and Lily I dont have photoshop right now (new lap top) and was wondering if someone could make our new Remus a banner for their info page, also I'd love a new layout or banner for the main pages if you could do that. Also my promo's are kind of blah I think we could use some new promo banners.

I'm going to post some of my work in hopes of maybe getting people active by responses also I was thinking of trying to affliate with some people I'd love if you guys could help with that as well.
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